Space echo

Developed with LightLab and PRG, orchestrated by Etienne de Crecy and Alexandre Lebrun

“It’s been a long time since I have considered the stage show not as the promotion of an album but as a performance in itself, which stands alone. In 2008, my Beats’n’Cubes tour was not linked to an album release. The pieces I played in the cube were mostly unpublished. They were only available at the end of the tour.

Music is no longer my only means of expression, I work as much in the staging of my concerts as in the setting of the music.

I repeat this concept with Space Echo. The show is conceived as a hallucinatory journey through four dimensions, music as a fourth dimension. Transparent screens deploy and redeploy in different configurations like the solar panels of a space probe.

I revisit the most iconic pieces of my discography but most of the set will be music available to the public only in concert.

Through this new show, I want to go beyond the traditional sequence of songs and offer the public a singular and global experience. “

PRG Projects develops SpinIt

“Space Echo” à la Philharmonie de Paris

Du Cube à Space Echo, entretien avec Etienne de Crécy

Artist sheet