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Hocus Pocus is a Hip Hop / Jazz band from Nantes, France. Formed in 1995, their music is a mix of hip-hopjazzsoul and funk. Originally being 20syl’s brainchild, Hocus Pocus was formed in 1995, and gradually gained attention in the late ’90s. The band, however, reached significant commercial and critical success in 2006 with the re-release of 2005 LP 73 Touches, the “Hip Hop?” single (featuring The Procussions) having hooked many listeners who were curious about its blend of FrenchEnglish, and acoustic/electronic elements. Though quite far removed from legendary bands evolving in that same category (like The Roots), Hocus Pocus’ more radio-friendly recipe happened to be very effective.

Hocus Pocus – Mr tout le monde