Label Fait Maison - Grand Musique Management
Booking Quentin Schaming

French electronic trio Jabberwocky have officially embarked upon an electronic cosmic journey, mixing their love for synthesizers and vintage sounds with strong melodies. 

Named after a Lewis Carroll poem and consisting of three friends in Camille (piano conservatoire), Emmanuel (self-taught guitar and bass), and Simon (sampling and MAO), there’s a wonderfully organic sense of chemistry between each member.

Best known for their first track « Photomaton » which got massive airplay on French radios in 2013, alongside their albums Lunar Lane & Make-Make,  Jabberwocky are now looking to evolve past their previous sounds into wholly new territory. Their new EPs Italobingo / La Yara  and Robotonik are inspired by Italodisco and High Energy music. 


La Yara ft. Elisa Jo