Paloma Colombe

Booking Quentin Schaming

Imagine a world where heavy hard drum beats mingle with heady Kabyle chants. Where the testimonies of those who we never hear resonate with force. Where the trance of music tells a story, an emotion. This world is that of Paloma Colombe.

The Franco-Algerian DJ fabricate sounds to heal the world and abolish borders. Her mixes, which she refines from club to festival, from continent to continent, combine polyrhythmic trance and music that she brings back from her travels. From San Francisco, where she discovered a radical music scene during her studies, to her mother’s Algeria, where she developed the outlines of her artistic project. Off the stage, his universe is embodied with power and emotion in the form of documentary formats (Planet Malek), cutting-edge curations (Radio Amazigh at Mellotron, the Nova Club, curation at Quai Branly), an intimate podcast by testimonials in music (Listen to it)… So many entry points into a committed, vibrant world. Resolutely open to a cheerful artistic future.

Brut.Club : DJ set at Sacré (Paris)