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With more than 220 million cumulated streams in 2013, Poldoore is far to be unknown from international future-beat and hip-hop scenes. His new record, Mosaïc, comes back confirming to be the spearhead of a booming music genre, where beatmakers emerge from the shadows to the light, to assert themselves as artists in their own rights. Coming from Belgium, more precisely Louvain near Bruxelles, Thomas Schillebeeckx began to explore his parents record collection at age 5, when the family moved to the US. Since, the will to combine this musical heritage to his more modern surrounding sounds never left. Because Poldoore‘s music has a credo: gather up an era with sampling, mixing the genres to create a new musical touch.

With Mosaïc, Poldoore is not only showing us his talent, but takes the listener through time. Actually isn’t it what music is supposed to do ?

Can’t Love You More (Live Session)

A Brand New Day (feat ASM & Balkan Bump)