Label mıcroqlima
Booking Heather West

This is the end of the world as we know it. To help you move on to the next phase of humanity, meet Quasi Qui. In their dystopian yet utopian sci-fi reality, the earth has split in two. It is up to you to embark on the parallel universe of your choice. Together, Yehan Jehan and his sister Zadi are the latest signing to the microqlima label.

With their first single “Gentle Squeeze”, they don’t just re-imagine good pop music, they also reshape the future and imagine a civilisation that would work for all of us. Comforting predictions that are certainly welcome at the moment.

“Gentle Squeeze is about reversing roles in manipulative situations and taking back control. The starting point is the observation of the earth and “the mass hysteria of the time”. The protagonist has learned all the tricks of the trade and is ready to reorganise the world.

In the video we see the earth shedding its layers and regenerating in an endless loop. It spins again and again, almost out of control. Finally, the controls bring it to a new point of balance. It’s mesmerising, we get to observe what’s really going on and provide new perspectives.” — Quasi Qui

Quasi Qui – Gentle Squeeze

Quasi Qui – 10 Years

Quasi Qui – Terminal 5

Quasi Qui – Mutants