Silly Boy Blue

Label Les Nouvelles Productions Indépendantes
Email Guillaume Benfeghoul

Behind Silly Boy Blue stands the young Ana Benabdelkarim, young French artist born in Nantes, based in Paris. Melancholic and aerial songs in which light gently pierces through words. A computer in a bedroom, a few keyboards and a sound card – enough to put memories, questionings, passions to music.

Behind Silly Boy Blue stands a fascination for glam rock icons and 80s new wave darkness. There is, naturally, a tribute to David Bowie’s early days, his wanderings before Ziggy Stardust, to the masculine/feminine character he was becoming.

Behind Silly Boy Blue stands a personal writing thought like an outlet. There is nostalgia. But more importantly a forward-looking project. After a first EP « But You Will » released in October 2018, Silly Boy Blue  is now making her way to the stage.


You’re Cool (Live Session)

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