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It’s in 2017 that Stensy reveals himself to the public with a first project called Rotations. Seven tracks including the banger T-Shirt Blanc, a rap single with pop accents, which already foreshadowed an exciting future.

Stensy proposes a universe with urban resonances in the air of time, halfway between trap, pop and cloud rap. Under the brilliance of the autotune, the rapper’s voice arises with technicality on the incisive productions signed by Wizman, Sutvs or Vaati. The flow is punchy, fresh and spontaneous, the writing is clever and the punchlines are banging.

With simplicity, ease and humor, the rapper describes his daily life, his visions and aspirations, thus offering a vibrant mirror of his generation. His sound identity is prolonged visually in a contemplative and colorful aesthetic tinged with that sweet-bitter spleen so typical of the post-internet era. 

New EP : early 2020 

Juste un peu

T-shirt Blanc

Boite à gants