Isaac Delusion

French dreampop visionaries Isaac Delusion released their third album “uplifters” in fall 2019, marking almost a decade of remarkable progress. Out on hip Parisian independent label microqlima, “uplifters” is a distillation of everything that makes them so unique and alluring.

Not only is it their third album, it’s also their best. “uplifters” seeks to reconnect with the energy and innocence of youth, a state thought to be lost as we wearily creep towards pragmatic acceptance and middle age.

From the robotic soul of opener ‘fancy’, with its take on obsessional love seen through the prism of adolescence, the peripatetic bass fingering and Chic-style dampened guitar phrases ‘magicalove’, through hypnagogic ‘pas l’habitude’ – the one original song written entirely in French -,“uplifters” is a record that more than lives up to its titular promise.

These songs are a tribute to the you that was here before, and to that very precise moment when you began to have dreams but you couldn’t realize them just yet,” says the duo.

Without acquiescing to nostalgia, Loïc Fleury and Jules Pacotte have attempted to reconquer this hidden continent where dreams, sweetness and carnal desires first emerge. It is this heartfelt journey that “uplifters” seeks to explore through eleven sunkissed songs draped in pastel colors – although the lightness should not obscure the depths of our intentions.

Isaac Delusion – fancy

Isaac Delusion – pas l’habitude

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