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BLOW is an alchemy. Not only between the group’s four members, all of whom have been friends for years, but also between pop and electronic music. An intelligent balance that has characterized the music of these Parisians for the last three years. With three EPs already under its belt (“I” followed by “Fall in the Deep” in 2016 and “Vertigo Introduction” in January 2018), the group has cemented its place as one of the most promising French electronic pop bands by releasing its first album “Vertigo” on 2018.

BLOW’s popularity stems above all from the seductive nature of its music, which it has nurtured from the very beginning. Songs such as “Fall in the Deep” (with already four million plays on Spotify) or “You Killed Me on the Moon” (the soundtrack for a Citroën advertising campaign) have, like others, been stepping stones for the group, representative of its development in sound: Quentin’s high voice, embellished with choruses, giving rise to aerial and dreamlike music over surrealist lyrics. But there are also the elaborate arrangements of the group’s guitarist Jean-Etienne, the tight and edgy grooves of the bass-drums combo Pierre-Elie and Thomas — it’s clear that these four musicians didn’t just appear out of nowhere.

BLOW draws much of its inspiration from the Pink Floyd of the Gilmour period, Moderat, Darkside and Jungle for its energy, but its influences go far beyond the simple musical framework. Science fiction, the world of Magritte, the desire to create timeless lyrics… All of the group’s members have backgrounds in rock music, which explains the importance of the guitars and lends the group it’s pop aspect, supported by the Telecasters, catchy riffs and melodic inventiveness.

The four musicians have stuck together ever since, when they launched BLOW, which continues to grow from project to project.

The Limits (Live Session)

You Killed Me On The Moon

It’s All A Lie (Live At Studio Ferber)