Boston Bun

Management Thomas Reade

In just over a decade, Boston Bun, aka Thibaud Noyer, has established himself as one of the most brilliant producers and DJs of the French Touch 2.0, cultivating a sound of his own – house, vocal, dancing and flirting with disco – whose effectiveness and hedonism on the dancefloors, is no longer to be proven.

Born in a village in the south of France, in Crest in the Drôme, Thibaud grew up listening to Etienne Daho’s French pop music, which his mother listened to, and to grunge (Nirvana or the Smashin Pumkins), which his sister loved, while his father, who played in a rock band, taught him the rudiments of the bass.

As he approached adolescence, Boston Bun discovered house, techno and dance music through his musician uncle who had formed the electro project You Man. “He lived in Lille, I used to go see him in concert, it’s thanks to him that I started to understand electronic music better. I loved the weird side of electro, which resembled nothing else in both sound and structure. It really felt like it wasn’t music for everyone and I really liked that aspect.”