Label Allo Floride Records
Publishing Thomas Paff

After a first EP gathering +2.5M stream worldwide and a few releases on Dynamic Music, Einmusika and Chapter 24, Douran enters 2021 with a lot of projects in mind.

One being his new EP « Avalanche », out in Spring 2021, embodying once again his main influences : electronic and cinematic music. 

This time around, the composer takes things up a notch mixing to another level these two particular universes he cherished. Besides his synthesizers and drum machines, he adds to the equation many instruments seen in cinema such as Taiko drums, Shakuhachi flute and of course violons, flutes, cors, marimba… Douran doesn’t hesitates to invite musicians and composers from both electronic and classic scenes.

A balance that allows his music to offer intense, massive emotion and aims to bring the listener into an hypnotic and introspective state, turning his music into a strong, spirited immersive experience. 

One sure thing when diving into this second EP : Douran’s future will include movie scoring. It will also be about collaborating live closely with classic instrumentalists (strings, brass, drums) so that his music takes on a new dimension.

Race To Infinity (Live Session)

Midnight Breath (Official Video)

Inertia (Live Session)

Avalanche (Live Session)

Phenomena (Live Session)