Isaac Delusion

Label Microqlima
Management Thomas Pfaff

Isaac Delusion inhabit the hinterland between the conscious and the somnambulant, a place where reality and hope meld together in glorious musical technicolor.

Inspired by genius mathematician and astronomer Sir Isaac Newton, Isaac Delusion is Loïc Fleury’s fabulous falsetto, reminiscent of Bronski Beat legend Jimmy Somerville, and Jules Pacotte who is clearly not averse to some vintage UK synthpop either.

The duo has grown exponentially in the affections of the music-buying public in their home country of France since their self-titled debut album in 2014, garnering many millions of hits on streaming services and selling out legendary venues like L’Olympia and the Élysée Montmartre along the way. The elegant synthpop of 2017’s “Rust & Gold” album won them yet more admirers internationally.

2019 saw the release of “uplifters“, the 3rd album of these childhood friends who felt the need to reconnect with the energy, the innocence and the freedom they once knew innately. The songs are explorations of adolescence, methodically seen through in order to reawaken the spirit of juvenescence.

This album is not only their third, it’s also their best, suffused with songs that hit you immediately and continue to grow stealthily in your affections when you’re away from them.

uplifters” challenges the idea that “youth is wasted on the young”; that old aphorism, attributed variously to Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw, may no longer be fit for purpose.

Fancy (Official Video)

Midnight Sun (Official Video)

Isabella (Official Video)

She Pretends (Official Video)

Couleur menthe à l’eau