La Fine Équipe

Label Nowadays Records
Booking Heather West

Let’s be clear: La Fine Equipe is a band. The numerous hats wore by its four members are so various that it could mislead one’s. Indeed, surrounding Blanka, oOgo, Chomsky and Mr. Gib, there are recording studios, collaborations, lives, side-projects… There is also and especially a whole universe built during the past ten years around their passion for beatmaking, embodied by the release of « 5th Season », new album. 

So yes, La Fine Equipe is a band, but it’s also much more than that.

Since their creation in 2006 and their first album « La Boulangerie » two years later, the four producers became inevitable when you think about a new scene breaking the barriers between musical genders. Hip Hop is at the heart of their craft, corner stone of their musical background and inspirations where the paths of J Dilla, Madlib, Flying Lotus,  Kaytranada and the turntablists A-Trak, C2C and Birdy Nam Nam are crossing ways.

From 2008 to 2014, La Fine Equipe mastered its craft with the « Boulangerie », compilation gathering 34 beatmakers on 113 tracks. They also work on the creation of the label Nowadays Records (Fakear, Skence, Unno, Clément Bazin, Leska, Douchka…) and released more than 75 EPs and LPs in five years. 

After years spent paving the way for other artists and creating a structure that could support the growth of a musical scene, they decided to go further and launch a new era with « 5th Season ».

Nobu (feat. GREMS & 20syl)

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