Macadam Crocodile

Label Allo Floride Records
Booking Heather West
Publishing Thomas Pfaff

Xavier Polycarpe (Gush) and Vincent Brulin (IZIA, Alain Chamfort) have been threading upon French and international venues for a while. After years of experience, their collaboration was born with the need to make people dance without strategy, to simply perform and offer a crazy show that ultimately became their trademark. Macadam Crocodile is a synthful nu-disco jam served with afro-funk drums and overjoyed pop that sweats spontaneousness.

The duo sprung up three years ago in a studio from Parisian suburb city Montreuil. Leaning on old samples, the two musicians quickly piled up a wild improvisation repertoire that allowed them to play up to three-hour shows in clubs.

Meanwhile, they converted a great deal of programmers thanks to the freshness of their scenic presence and modern show played continuously in the style of a DJ set.

Yet, locking themselves up in a studio to record music was a no-no : their first album coming up in Spring 2020 has been recorded live, during a Paris show. A full, sold out room packed with an overexcited crowd for a rather rare format with one goal : preserve in one piece the energy that defines the duo.

And so it is a new step outlining for Macadam Crocodile, which dropped sampling to build an original 70’s funk mixed with today’s nu-disco sound. All with a principle : each song will never be played like it has been written, simply because it has never actually been written.

Macadam Crocodile x Mezerg – Live session at Gallia

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