Label Mille Feuilles
Booking Julien Corre

Molecule is an extraordinary musician. Few electronic artists can boast of the audacity of Romain De La Haye, alias Molecule. Producer, DJ, Molecule is an adventurer, literally as well as figuratively, who likes to confront extraordinary experiences and territories to feed his imagination and extract extraordinary sound and visual material. “60 ° 43 North” is the project that made him “the pioneer of nomadic electronic music”. “-22.7 ° C”: In winter 2017, Molecule leaves for Greenland. He spent 5 weeks in a small, completely isolated hunting village. With the recordings of silences made on the ice floe, he composed the album “-22.7 ° C” entirely on site. An album witnessing the beauty and fragility of nature in the polar environment.

Latest project: “Nazaré”. The field-recording expert rubbed shoulders with the scariest wave in the world in Nazaré, Portugal. An EP composed from the sounds of the ocean, the cries of the surfers of big waves and the strong emotions that the musician could have felt in front of this wall of water of more than 20 m.

Praia do Norte