Nathalie Duchene

Label Toy Tonics
Management Thomas Reade
Booking Heather West

To understand Nathalie Duchene’s character and music, it is useful to look at the duality between day and night day and night, moon and sun, tropical sounds and techno beats. Originally from Liège, Nathalie Duchene arrived in Paris at the age of 19. Demanding and dynamic, she knows what she wants, and does not rest.

The Belgian quickly joined the Cours Florent, then the Pygmalion studio, where she learned dramatic art. In addition to the roles that followed once she had finished school, the actress made a brief stopover in the world of music journalism. From concerts to festivals, she found herself interviewing the biggest names on the French electronic scene. One thing led to another and Nathalie Duchene found herself behind the decks. Alongside her acting career, she proudly wears the DJ hat for various venues and events, from parties for luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, to legendary clubs such as the Rex.

After touring the world, from Paris to Tokyo, and releasing projects on several labels (OFF Recordings, Caduceus Records or Exploited with her duo O.N.O), the idea of producing more luminous music was on the young Belgian’s mind. All that was missing was a confinement to give birth to the desire to dance, and to make others dance. And so Praia was born.