Radio Cargo

Label RC Records / Allo Floride
Management Thomas Pfaff
Booking Quentin Schaming

Sound anywhere, anytime, with anyone. 

One is a dreamer. The other is a pragmatist. One comes from house music, and the other from techno. Few things seemed to bring Dan and Jay together. Except, perhaps, their common passion: music. By working together, the two DJs discovered their complementarity and learned to free themselves from their complexes. This duo of artists fiercely fight cultural elitism, seen as an enemy of creativity, and have no problem passing on Mylène Farmer or an obscure artist signed to an unknown label. 

The story could have ended there if it wasn’t for Jay’s passion for handiwork. During a festival in 2021, he created a sound system using recycled batteries transported on a cargo bike. History is in the making.

The duo then began to roam the capital with its wild party concept, at a time when people only wanted to dance. Soon after, the phone wouldn’t stop ringing, and the duo went from party to party before deciding to settle directly on the quays of the Seine, bringing back the spirit of “free-parties” in the heart of Paris. These open air parties, inaugurated in March 2022, quickly gathered thousands of people and united a growing community on their socials in record time (40 000 followers in 6 months on Instagram and 18 000 on TikTok). The concept pleases, the concept works. Fans young and old, purists and novices attend Radio Cargo parties, with a maximum of 24 hours notice before the event. Everyone is welcome. Radio Cargo was born out of the frustration that many people have in the party scene in Paris, which has become too elitist or too expensive. To break these codes, Radio Cargo organizes open air events in the capital, fighting against the obvious problem of access to culture and party.

This past fall, the group put down their bikes and sound system to work on their first EP, Du Son N’importe Où, Vol. I. The EP was conceived as a calling card; a foretaste of Radio Cargo parties for those who do not know them yet. Dan and Jay incorporate their two great loves: house music from the early 90s and trance music from the end of the same decade. The rest is yet to be written.