Regina Demina

Label Kwaidan
Email Thomas Lefrançois

As unique as she is, I have a suspicion there might actually be several copies of Regina Demina going around the world simultaneously. I did meet instances of her in real life. The first time was during a meeting at her new record label, Marc Collin’s Kwaidan Records, during which, after I was briefed on her soon-to-materialize musical project, she casually pulled from her bag an iPad-sized chunk of tombstone with l’Été meurtier, the title of her first EP, engraved on it in gold letters.

While directing and scoring her graduation project (ALMA, a multimedia show in which sound and light where the actors) she realized that media (and the constraints of institutions) stood as hindrances for what she finds primordial: “I don’t feel like I belong in the director’s chair, being responsible for production logistics and all that” she admits during our second meeting in a 10th arrondissement café. “I’m more of a storyteller, and I’m not so concerned with what form – or finality – the stories end up taking.

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