Label Elektra Records
Booking Julien Corre

After Haute Couture, their first EP published in 2010, Synapson releases in 2015 the much talked about Convergence. An album dedicated to the links uniting old friends by playing crystal clear electronic music as if they had never made one. “It’s as if all of a sudden we had managed to make the other dance perfectly.”

One more thing: the voice. Because they are lovers of this soul, Synapson summon a flock of artists there including Anna Kova, incarnation of All in You, the title track of this second album which will be dedicated platinum disc after having passed 100,000 copies.

In 2018, the two friends publish their third album, Super 8. Like this old camera which fixes the happy memories, the eponymous disc is a notebook of thirteen pieces unrolling these infusions which fed the sap of the two producers.In recent seasons, Synapson have toured the world several times to carry their music.
More than 100 concerts in one year, a large part of which were performed live, and key dates, from le Printemps de Bourges to les Vieilles Charrues, including Solidays, to a sold out show at le Zenith de Paris.

In 2020, eager to return to the sources of what made their music so exciting, Alex & Paul embark on a new project which will include collaborations from around the world : the group now wants to return to its first loves : “make musical meetings and offer each of our songs a new destination for listeners”.

Management : Unity Group

Bensema ft. Oumou Sangaré

All in You feat. Anna Kova