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Eruptive volcano Stromboli is part of UNESCO’s world heritage and Vimala’s new EP arises from its ashes. « When climbing up the volcano, I recorded a lot of sounds, samples. Explosions and atmospheres. » The whole EP, logically named Stromboli, was built upon this idea, within his journey.

The sound intent is minimal, refined. This new EP is influenced by the likes of The Blaze, James Blake or Mount Kimbie, known for their ability to enhance the small things, the essential. Stromboli follows this pattern, granting the listener to access the volcano’s soul, such power that inspired Vimala for the better and the worst. « A worrying vibe prospers, it is also a reassuring feeling. It’s contradictory. As in the middle of the ocean or in a dense forest, in the mist of those natural elements that could destroy us in the blink of an eye. But at the same time, they lay inside each and everyone of us. »

When performing live, Vimala replays his latest compositions, bursting them with power and a more dance floor like energy. He grants a large spot to improvisation and simultaneous video mapping. A way for him to outcast in a different way, the emotions he felt on top of Stromboli, a landscape that produces it’s own share of melodies.

Home (Official Video)